Finding a Story

Create. Connect. Explore. Reflect.

Because it is the weekend (and weekends invite me to be extra “bloggy” on the off chance that my readers have extra time to read), I am posting a this little story, a flashback from an experience that happened this summer. Enjoy.


Being a writer, or at least a writer of the journalist variety, is not really so difficult. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone. And most people want to tell their stories, may even want to have their stories shared.

Take Shawn, for example, the dark-skinned blue-shirted middle-aged man who works at the Goodyear in San Leandro. Shawn helped me get my oil changed for the first time in six months this past June. He is friendly and helpful and good at what he does, greeting me at the door with an eager “How can I help you?” He doles out customer service like he’s giving free samples, and assures me that my…

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