Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias


Photo credit:  AP

Infamous Jodi Arias, the murderer.  I guess the story could stop there, but the heavy feeling in my gut says it probably won’t.  Sometimes, the devil does his dirty work through others.  This time, he’s chosen Jodi Arias.

With news of the upcoming sentencing trial, I have to wonder what antics she’ll pull out of the bag for this jury.  I like many, have been sickened by her.  Perhaps more disturbing than Jodi herself, are the many supporters she’s herded up like cattle-to-slaughter.  Are there really that many “crazies” out there?  As a mother, that’s extremely disturbing.

I’m so tired of people saying how “beautiful” she is.  Really?  In my humble opinion, she kind of puts me in mind of Alice the Goon from Popeye:


Photo credit:  Comicvine



Photo credit:  Huffington Post


Seriously though.  I do think some of the defense’s “antics” have been planned, and meticulously timed.    I’m sure that happens in most trials, but not to this extent.  I’ll be watching Jodi, enjoy your time in hell.

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